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Cuore Caldo© (Warm Heart) by Richard Hart (2019)

Richard Hart - Cuore Caldo 2019

Thanks for giving Cuore Caldo© (2019) by Richard Hart a listen! This album was recorded in Waikoloa, Hawaii USA, and is the first project completed in the new Blue Glass Music Studios here on the Big Island of Hawaii. Aloha!

All of the music was written by Richard Hart, with exception of the music written by Brian Wilson (God only knows), Carlos Jobim (The girl from Inpanema), Grover Washington jr (Mr. Magic), John Lennon and Paul McCartney (The fool on the hill), Ervin Drake (It was a very good year), John Anderson and Steve Howe (Roundabout), and Max Steiner (Adventures in paradise). The arrangements were provided and scored by Richard Hart entirely.

All of the music herein is performed by Richard Hart on Yamaha, Roland, Breedlove, Conn, Ibanez, Oscar Schmidt, and Petosa Instruments. The brass and ensemble portions are played by Mark Ceccarelli on Monet Trumpet and Flumpet. The valve trombone portions are re-sampled Flumpet solos, and have been transposed to give a more robust presence.

Cuore Caldo CD Music Cover
Cuore Caldo© (2019) by Richard Hart -
(1)Through my eyes - Richard Hart (3:19)
(2)Just assumptions - Richard Hart (3:48)
(3)Jazzman's Stone - Richard Hart (4:25)
(4)Roundabout (Accoustic) - Anderson/Howe (4:36)
(5)God only knows - Brian Wilson (2:27)
(6)Why your always there - Richard Hart (4:44)
(7)Fool on the hill - Lennon/McCartney (2:23)
(8)Adventures in paradise - Max Steiner (4:30)
(9) Sunsets 27 & 28 - Richard Hart (3:20)
(10) Jesus digs me - Richard Hart (2:40)
(11)The girl from Inpanema - Carlos Jobim (1:37)
(12)New Life - Richard Hart (4:02)
(13)Jazzman's Tea - Richard Hart (4:51)
(14)Mr. Magic - Grover Washington Jr (3:12)
(15)A very good year - Ervin Drake (2:14)
(16)Me too! - Richard Hart (4:00)

All music is written, arranged and performed by Richard Hart except as noted:

Cuore Caldo© Musicians-
Richard Hart: Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Cowbell, Accordian, Concertina, Recorder, Organ, Piano and Keyboards
Mark Ceccarelli:Trumpet, Valve Trombone, Mute and Flumpet solos and samples

Original Compositions By-
808Zones Writers
(Left to Right) Burt Bacharach, Sade Adu, Martin Ditcham, Richard Hart,
Greg Lake, George Harrison, missing Morgan Lewis

808Zones / 808Stones / 808Bones / House of H'art is a collection of some of the music that is used in the 2019 / 2020 Richard Hart Live Set.
It's just listening for all my friends that might not make it to a performance... Let me know if you like the work! (R')

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Copyright 2019 - Blue Glass Music, LLC
No Commercial Rights Given or Implied

George Harrison on Ukulele

George Harrison (2/2/1999) on the Ukulele, playing the Ukulele, and being "crackers".
George also lived on Maui during a very happy period of his life... so there you go.

Cuore Caldo© (Warm Heart) Weather at a glance: