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House of H'art© by Richard Hart (2017)

Richard Hart: House of H'art Compact Disc Music Cover "House of H'art" is the fourth and final installment in the 2017 quadrilogy of music in the Richard Hart live music Compact Disc (CD) set. Like the previous CD's "808Zones", "808Bones", and "808Stones" - "House of H'art" compiles original accoustic song material written by Richard Hart and also includes pieces from Michael Legrand, Ralph McDonald / William Salter, Gilbert Becaud, and Freddie Hubbard. All arrangements were scored by Richard Hart and recorded at Blue Glass Music in Tacoma, Washington.

From Richard Hart (ASCAP writers blog)
"Relying less on traditional Hawaiian musical sounds, "House of H'art" provides a more nuanced perspective into the musical dimensionality of my musical writing style. As much as I love my Ukulele(s) and concertina, I like a bigger sound (at times) than I can get from accoustic instruments. But all said and done, I just like to play and attempt to musically capture the emotions I had when I wrote a song - or when I heard another composer's work. With certain exceptions, I think "House of H'art" comes closer to being where I truly live musically.

Special thanks for the horns, wind instruments, and strings provided by Mark Ceccarelli and Keoki Kanakoa. Several of the brass segments provided in "House of H'art" were included from previous recording and sampling sessions in Lakewood, Washington from (2007 through 2011). Keoki Kanakoa's contribution came by way of the Big Island of Hawaii, and were recorded remotely and added to the main mix.

Aloha Nui Loa!
Richard Hart (2017)
Richard Hart: House of H'art CD Cover
House of H'art© (2017) by Richard Hart -
(1)When you look at me - Richard Hart (4:08) (i)
(2)Laughter in my head - Richard Hart (3:19)
(3)No ordinary life - Richard Hart (3:53)
(4)Sky Dive - Freddie Hubbard (2:50)
(5)Beach Dance Blast - Richard Hart (4:56)
(6)The business of life - Richard Hart (4:40)
(7)Windmills of your mind - Michael Legrand (3:59)
(8)On a Saturday - Richard Hart (4:23)
(9)You are the light of the world - Richard Hart (5:01)
(10)You and I - Richard Hart (3:17)
(11)Et Maintenant? - Gilbert Becaud (3:13)
(12)Working for me - Richard Hart (4:09)
(13)The Love you send - Richard Hart (3:40)
(14)Where is the love? - McDonald/Salter (2:30)
(15)Vengo dall'Italia - Richard Hart (3:45)
(16)You were on her mind - Leaving Lakewood- Richard Hart (4:17) (i)

All music is written, arranged and performed by Richard Hart except as noted:

House of H'art© Cast and Crew-
Richard Hart: Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Cowbell, Accordian, Concertina, Recorder, Organ, Piano and Keyboards
Mark Ceccarelli:Trumpet, Valve Trombone, Mute and Flumpet solos and samples
Keoki Kanakoa:Flute, Clarinet, Trombone, Oboe, Alto and Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Violin, Cello and String Bass solos and samples

Original Compositions By-
House of Hart Origial Compsoers
(Left to Right) Ralph McDonald, Michael Legrand, Richard Hart, William Salter, Gilbert Becaud and Freddie Hubbard

808Zones / 808Stones / 808Bones / House of H'art / Cuore Caldo is a collection of some of the music
that is used in the 2019 / 2020 Richard Hart Live Set.
It's just listening for all my friends that might not make it to a performance... Let me know if you like the work! (R')

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