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BlueGlass Music, LLC proudly presents House of H'art. So I changed it up a bit - and released something different! House of H'art is a more eclectic collection of Richard Hart originals and some listen worthy covers.

Listen to the music at

BlueGlass Music, LLC proudly presents 808Bones. This is part III of a collection of special music - made for the simple joy of playing and performing. If you liked II, you will love III!

Listen to the music at

BlueGlass Music, LLC proudly presents 808Stones. This is part II of a collection of special music - made for the simple joy of playing and performing. Enjoy!

Listen to the music at

It's official! Son and Daughter (Matt & Erin) are coming home for Christmas with Rebekkah, Issac and Baby Hannah! HOORAY!

BlueGlass Music, LLC proudly presents 808Zones. Listen to the music at Special thanks to Mark Ceccarelli and Keoki Kanakoa for all the help and great solos and samples!

Starting working on a new Hawaiian Music compiliation called 808Zones. Each collection will be 16 tunes adapted to a Hawaiian style. Many of my tunes, plus some of my favorites from my friends and others artists will be included. Stay tuned!

Join us at LIVINGSTONES.US for the Series "What keeps you up at night?" It is available in HD Video - Cost = $Zilch.

Our second Grand Daughter Hannah Elizabeth Raske was born today. She is beautiful and has a head full of brown hair! Donna thinks she looks like a Breedlove - I think she is cute as cute can be!

Starting an exciting new chapter with our Church LIVINGSTONES.US (21 days of prayer). I say "be there - or be square". Message is available on-line 24/7/365.

Back on the Big Island..... AAAAAAHHHHHHH! We missed the hurricane or it missed us?

Great News.... I have been promoted to G2 with the birth of my Grandson Isaac Raske. He is beautiful, healthy, and I am planning on teaching hime to fish.... soon. Need an okay from Mama Erin!

Lady Donna and I sold our home in Lakewood, Washington late last year, and moved back to the North end of Tacoma. It is wonderful to be back around my childhood stomping grounds - and get to experience the old hood. I know we will miss Tacoma as we prepare for our move to the Land of Aloha!

Know anybody that wants some prime Port of Tacoma property?

Spent Christmas with Matt and Erin in North Carolina! We had a wonderful time and the real highlight was getting to play, talk and be with our wonderful Granddaughter Rebekah! She is almost two, and Christmas time with her was the best present I could have hoped for! (PSSST! Erin is pregnant!)

Had a wonderful weekend in Anchorage, Alaska with my in-laws! My Brother-in-law Roger has become septugenarian, and we surprised him for a Birthday Bash at City Church in Anchorage. And, my grand niece Lexi just turned five, so that was really fun. It was colder in Seattle than in Anchorage however!!

Donna and I really put on the miles this year! We had a chance to see the whole family, and we are really looking forward to getting back to Holly Ridge, NC to see our Marine and la bella familglia Raske. I am a proud grandfather to a beautiful baby girl, and I am looking forward to spoiling her every chance I get!

Check out the "Ten Commandments - Set Free to Live Free" series from Mars Hill Church. Mars Hill (Tacoma) will be starting worship services this Christmas in the freshly remodeled sanctuary. Please let me know your thoughts on this format of video output. It has a more "streaming" feel, and the video output is shared in all the Mars Hill Churches in the US.

Hey, we sold the Lakewood house and we are off to greener pastures! We have some commercial property to sell in the Port of Tacoma ( and then it's full time on the Big Island. Yippee!

What a fun, fun year year! We had a wonderful adventure with our church (NWCC) and we produced 30 sermon series videos with Joe and Mary Walsh. Some of the videos are live feed videos, and others are audio add style HD video overviews. This is an excellent teaching church, and is full of wonderful loving and caring people. If you are in South Tacoma, Lakewood, Dupont or JBLM, consider making NWCC your church home!

Looking forward to a very good season of F1 racing (who isn't?). My bet is for Vettel again, followed by Alonso. Expect better results from Massa this season - if not he won't be with the Scuderia by the end of the season (jus' sayin)

56' is a very good year! Thanks to all. Who loves ya? It's me!

04/01/12 unveils it's new HTML5 website for your Hawaiianification needs. Look for Beach Video, Blue Water, Fishing, Sunshine, Aloha Nui Loa, and much more. Hey, Somebody has to live in Hawaii! Mahalo!!

12/24/11 acquires new studio facilities in Tacoma, Wa. Look for exciting announcements in 2012!

PSICOMPANY.COM is sold to Peter Ollodart.

11/1/11 produces its 1000th HD Web Video!

Check out the new Richard Hart Tour Section of the site. Bring your rod, I'd love to fish with you!

Nicky Hart is coming home from College! He is going from Fresh to Soph!!

PSICOMPANY.COM celebrates it's 46th Birthday! (PSI is getting older than me.... Huh?)

4/3/11 renders 65 HD web videos in one day!

4/1/11 finishes preliminary coding work on .PDF Conversions... YIPPEE!

2/23/11 produces it's 500th video this week! In case you missed it - Donna and I started a web video company that specializes in producing web video (commercials). We have made videos for Furuno, Raymarine, Motorola, Vertex, PSICOMPANY.COM, Elbex, Comnav, Motorola Canopy, Peltor, JRC, ICOM, Axis Communications, Blue Glass Music, and several other products. Our view count is over 1,000,000 which is really good for technical products! Roll em!

It looks like we will release "Mediterranean Man" directly to iTunes, Tower Records and the a few other digital vendors. CD Media will be available later this year too.

Tower Records agrees to market "Hope after Heartache" and we had a big BIG sales week! I have such fond memories of walking through Tower Records as a kid, and looking at albums and cassettes. Now my work is there with all the other groovy artists... except I am the least groovy. Well I have more gray hair anyway. Thanks Tower Records!

Tyler Hart joins the team at PSICOMPANY.COM>. He will be helping start up our new Seattle/Bellevue office

9/15/10 gets its start! We have made 200 web videos so far and the potential looks encouraging.

Good news everybody! My cancer has vanished, and I am feeling much better again. No more chemo and a chance to get back to normal.... well, as normal as I get.

Well, congratulations to Tyler Hart for his graduation from WSU! With degrees in both Communications and Psychology he will be a double threat in the job market! Go get em' baby! Also, young Master Nicky Hart wraps up his stint at Liberty High School this year - and he is off to WSU (apparently) this fall. So way to go Nicky!

Thanks for all the prayers, phone calls, and cards. I am feeling much better, and fighting hard for my health. I thank God for all my wonderful friends and family that have wrapped me in a wonderful healing blanket of love. I am a lucky man!

Thanks to our wonderful friends in Costa Rica and Nicaragua that made our summer tour so wondrous and fun! If you get an opportunity to view the beauty and majesty of Central America... Go for it! You won't be disappointed.

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