Richard Hart Music, Art & Videography

I am Richard Hart from Waikoloa, Hawaii and I am sending you Aloha! My primary interests are painting, writing, recording and publishing original music. 

I am also an active videographer and love to spend my free time capturing the majesty of God’s creation here in the Hawaiian Islands with my cameras and audio equipment.

Another dimension of my artwork is my drawing and painting work. Like many of you, I am always doodling and working up my next idea and/or creation! I think one of the greatest pleasures for me is bringing new ideas to life and watching people around me react.

I hope you enjoy my new web site format. WordPress is new to me, so please feel free to see the Art and listen to the music! I love to hear from people and I look forward to hearing from you!

Richard Hart

Music, Art & Videography

Studio Music

I truly dig writing music in Hawaii! It has brought a really fresh perspective to my work, as I engage different cultural rhythms and tonal fabrics.

If your interested in my rig, check out this link to see some snaps!


The wonderful thing about photography and video is it allows you to communicate without words – if you want to.

and Media

I call painting my “silent lover”. Like Videography, painting allows you to communicate in the language of the mystics – without a word.

News & Media

You can find links to all of the Richard Hart Music, Art and Videography here. Some of my work is available  here online. The music will be available as a download, and the Art will be available in a variety of different media options.

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