Month: October 2021

A Shell in a Shell by Richard Hart – Art

Shell In A Shell by Richard Hart (2021)
“Shell in a Shell” by Richard Hart (2021) This piece was inspired by a Partridge Tun shell that had become dissembled in the sand and surf. The insides were disconnected from the exterior and I found it a real “think” piece. As always, I took some liberties with the colors because they were quite bleached when I found them. Blues […]
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Honaunau Pond by Richard Hart (2020) – Art

The Pond at Honaunau by Richard Hart (2021)
Honaunau Pond by Richard Hart (2020) The Heiau at Pu’uhonua O Hōnaunau National Historical Park holds many colorful and deceptively alluring secrets. This brackish pond served as a study in light and shadow while exploring the changes in seasons. Click Here for all the Information! Aloha!Richard Hart
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“Sunsets 27 & 28” by Richard Hart (2020) – Music

Cuore Caldo CD Cover 2020
I wrote this tune in 2018 in my studio located in the Port of Tacoma. Mark Ceccarelli added the lively Monette Flumpet solo. It is the ninth track on my album “Cuore Caldo” (Warm Heart). You just have to imagine the sun slowly and warmly setting in the Western Pacific to get the full groove… I think. I provided a […]
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The Inlet at Keokea Park by Richard Hart (2021) – Art

The View from Keokea Bay by Richard Hart (2021)
This is the inlet behind the breakwater jetty at Keokea Beach Park in Kapa’au, Hawaii. The little lagoon is always crystal clear and the breakers rampage just outside their grasp daily. When the sky clears here you can see miles and miles and it is one of my very favorite spots for thinking, praying and writing. Click Here for all […]
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Too Wong Foo by Richard Hart (2021) – Art

Too Wong Foo by Richard Hart (2021)
Sometimes… my art is just fun for the sake of fun! This contemporary piece is whimsical and designed just for the joy of mixing color and textures. No connection (that I can think of) exists between this art and the Universal Pictures 1995 comedy “To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar”… but there I go thinking again! Click Here […]
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Road to Kapa’a by Richard Hart (2021) – Art

The Road to Kapa’a Park
In Hawaii, there are many beautiful roads and places to tour and see. In North Kohala, the road gets straight and long and the views are enchanting. The water here is ultramarine blue, unless it gets cloudy or windy. The challenge in this is piece was creating a straight line for the long stretch. I know… it wobbles! That’s Hawaii! […]
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Infinite Dimensions by Richard Hart (2021) – Art

As I imagine the unknowable… I sometimes see it in dark, but vibrant shades. Comforting, but but distinctly out-of-reach. Certain… but elusively innumerable. (Note: This work appears to have movement – if you try to look at the entire creation) Click Here for all the Information! Enjoy…. Aloha!Richard Hart
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The View from Napoopoo Road by Richard Hart (2021) – Art

The View from Napoopo Road
The ocean and sky in Hawaii is a study in blue. In the morning, sea air hovers above the water creating a blue grey mist. As the day progresses, the mist gets thinner, and turns white grey with lessening severity as it reaches skyward. The higher the sun, the bluer the water and sky. I’ll keep the manufacturers busy making […]
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