“808 Bones” Music by Richard Hart (2018)

Richard Hart 808 Bones CD Cover with Playlist (2018)

“808 Bones” is the 3rd and final CD in the (808) trilogy of music written and performed by Richard Hart in (2018). Like its (2017) predecessor “808 Stones” – it is a compilation music CD with a distinctly Hawaiian music flair.

The first track is “Anaeho’ omalu Bay” which refers to the view of the enchanting bay where Richard and Donna Hart make their home. Listening to this tune really brings the Hawaiian vision into focus, and sets the mood for the rest of the playlist.

Mark Ceccarelli also joins in predominantly on tracks “Old Friends”, “Hau ‘oli iwi (Happy Bones)”, “Driving Dream”, and “Wrap your arms around me”. Lots of fun!

“808 Bones” is the last CD produced in the Blue Glass Music Studios in Tacoma, Washington. A few months after we wrapped, we sold the property and moved full time to Waikoloa, Hawaii to pursue our dreams and the weather of warmer climes.


808 Bones (2018) – CD Tracks
# Track Name Composer(s) Time Data Stream
1 Anaeho’omalu Bay Richard Hart 3:51 320kb
2 Norwegian Wood Paul McCartney / John Lennon 2:06 No*
3 Da Cinque a Undici Greg Adams / James Wirrick 3:54 No*
4 Old Friends Richard Hart 3:47 320kb
5 One less bell to answer Burt Bacharach 2:59 No*
6 Lover man Jimmy Davis 3:29 No*
7 Lo how eer rose blooming Theodore Baker / Richard Hart 3:06 320kb
8 Satin doll Duke Ellington 2:53 No*
9 Hau ‘oli Iwi (Happy Nones) Richard Hart 4:12 320kb
10 The shadow of your smile Johnny Mandel 2:18 No*
11 You make me want to say Richard Hart 4:35 320kb
12 I say a little prayer Burt Bacharach 2:02 No*
13 Michelle Paul McCartney / John Lennon 1:58 No*
14 Driving Dream Richard Hart 4:17 320kb
15 If I fell Paul McCartney / John Lennon 2:14 No*
16 Wrap your arms around me Richard Hart 3:52 320kb

* Music is performed live under license only-

Musicians / Instruments / Credits :

Richard Hart
Yamaha XS8 Digital Workstation , Roland Fantom X8 Digital Workstation, Roland Super JV-1080 Synthesizer, (3) Roland JV-880 Synthesizer, Roland D-110 Synthesizer, Roland V-Drums, Alesis DM5 Drums, Yamaha Motif Rack ES Synthesizer, Petosa Stroller Accordion, Ibanez Bass Guitar, Breedlove Concert Acoustic Six String Guitar, Oscar Schmidt Baritone Ukulele, Various Rhythmic Instruments

Mark Ceccarelli
Monette Raja (Bb) Flumpet, Monette 993 (Bb) Trumpet, Bach Stradvarius (Bb) Trumpet, Various Rhythmic Instruments

Donna Hart-
Executive Producer, Photographer, Caterer and “oooh I like that one…” advocate

Bella Lana Kai Hart-
Chief Woofer and Interrupter, plus nap time supervisor

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