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Hawaiian Sea Major 9 Strikes the Right Chord

Hawaiian Sea Major 9 by Richard Hart
Hawaiian Sea Major 9 by Richard Hart (2022) -This is the 300th unique selection of art added to Mahalo for Viewing! Richard Hart Most Viewed Items at (Spring 2022) * A Pint at the White Horse * Audacity of Spring * Arabesque * Ke Awa Iki The Coconut Grove * Obsidian’s Pleasure * Hotel Argentina – Paraggi, Italy […]
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News & Media

You can find links to all of the Richard Hart Music, Art and Videography here. Donna and I are currently in negotiation to make all of the work here available online. The music will be available as a download, and the Art will be available in a variety of different media options. Richard Hart Vertical Orientation – Art     […]
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Lili’uokalani Gardens at Rest by Richard Hart

Featured Video Play Icon (Super Beaches Hawaii) explores Lili’uokalano Gardens, in the Hilo Region of the Big Island of Hawaii. Lili’uokalano Gardens is one of the best examples of a Japanese style park based on ponds, bridges, and reflectivity. All in all, it is a great place to sit and think – or even enjoy a picnic. Lili’uokalano Gardens is a must see […]
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Peaceful Streams in Onomea Bay – by Richard Hart

Featured Video Play Icon (Super Beaches Hawaii) explores Onomea Bay, in the Hilo Region of the Big Island of Hawaii. Onomea Bay is home to some wildly remote and steep sea cliffs, Beaches, and crashing surf. Lush tropical vegetation is everywhere near Onomea Bay, and also you should try to visit Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens when you are near. Filmed by Richard Hart, […]
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Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden – Video by Richard Hart

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Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Gardens is one of our very favorite spots on the Big Island of Hawaii. When we are not at home, you can often find us here enjoying the grounds and luxuriating by one of the waterfalls or the verdant glen’s deep pockets of natural splendor. Since the Covid-19 experience began, the garden has been substantially improved with […]
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Waipi’o Valley – Music Video Playlist by Richard Hart

Waipi’o Valley and Beach: This historic site is still farmed and cultivated with crops and practices used by the early Hawaiians. Waipi’o Valley Beach is set deep below the highway grade, and is difficult to access without a 4WD vehicle and nerves of steel. Beauty awaits any intrepid traveler who ventures to the valley and further to the Beach area. […]
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West Maui Lookout – Music Video by Richard Hart

The above video was shot by Richard Hart on the Island of Maui at the West Maui Scenic Lookout on the Road to Lahaina. The Music is all written and performed by Richard Hart. The songs are: “The Super Beaches of Hawaii” Theme and “D’all Italia” from the 2019 Richard Hart CD “House of H’art“
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