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I began publishing music in earnest in 2006 and founded Blue Glass Music, LLC in Lakewood, Washington. With the help of my wife, we copyrighted and published the Compact Disc “Hope After Heartache” in 2007. Our next venture was the Compact Disc “Mediterranean Man” in 2008, and the “American State of Mind” Compact Disc after that in 2009.

Evolution to Music Digital Downloads and No Turning Back

The World changes for us all of course, and it began to become clear that we needed a more efficient way to get Music into the hands of our listeners. Having had experience with web enterprising through our electronics company PSICOMPANY.COM , we decided that all our ventures onward would be via web distribution models. The efficiency and cost cutting made music production, sales and distribution affordable again.

So, please check out my work and let me know your thoughts! I would be honored if some of my work could find it’s way to your walls or in your music listening device. Also, please send me a friend invitation on Facebook because I often offer free¬† giveaways to my Facebook friends and would like to be part of your life too!

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Up until this point, my music writing had been on paper, and various forms of recording equipment. I invested in converting my entire Music Studio to a Digital format, and exclusively record within the digital domain. Music production becomes fun again!

Blue Glass Music, LLC (BGM) opens it’s web doors for business!
Write, Produce and Record:
“Hope After Heartache” CD (2007)
“Mediterranean Man” CD (2008)
“American State of Mind” CD (2009)

PSICOMPANY.COM is sold to new owners (2011)

Richard Hart starts drawing and painting Master Classes

The last of the Lakewood, Washington days. Our Chambers Creek Studio is sold and we moved our entire operation into the Port of Tacoma. New Music Studios and Recording space, plus 11,000 square feet of Video Production floor space.

Videoture, Inc. (a division of BGM) produces product video commercials and shorts.

Richard Hart prepares writing and musical outlines for his next production musical effort titled “808 Zones”

With the production and release of “808 Zones” in early 2016, it becomes apparent that there is a market for softer, more acoustic, easier listening Richard Hart Music.

More Ukulele and Accordion fueled entrees are assembled, and it appears that there is more than enough music for two more albums with 16 songs each.¬† This music will become “808 Stones” and “808 Bones”.

“808 Stones” (2017) and “808 Bones” (2018) are solid Hawaiian flavored efforts. My wife Donna Hart was ending her career as a High School teacher, and we both really wanted to try a different lifestyle than living in the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

So in 2018, we sold the last of our real estate in Washington State and moved to Waikoloa, Hawaii, to establish our next base of operations.

Waikoloa, Hawaii is a wonderful place to write music, paint, create, and think great thoughts. Blue Glass Music releases or next musical effort “House of H’art” in (2019). It is stylistically different than the 808 Zones – 808 Stones – 808 Bones, and has a distinct R&B vibe. It’s always a pleasure to stretch my musical wings a bit!

Also, with some additional time available, I am beginning to get serious about creating Art for more than just our home.

We released “Cuore Caldo” in 2020. Again, trying some new thoughts musically, I explored the notion of what having “Warm Heart” might mean musically. Lot’s of fun, and started working again with my old friend Mark Ceccarelli from Lakewood, Washington. He is a superb trumpet player and has added some wonderful additions to my musical projects over the years.

Covid-19 really slammed the Big Island of Hawaii, and many of the things that used to be simple became complex here. The outcome… more time to create and by the end of 2020 I had finished my 200th piece of Art.

I started adding my Art to my website and got a lot of encouragement from my friends and neighbors.

I am one of those people who will tell you every year was better than the last. For me, it’s true! We released “Live in the lee of Kohala” (2021) and was pleased with the reception. Again, a jammed pack offering full of a variety of different listening opportunities.

I also updated my website presence with and e-cart system and a more flexible way to present my Art. I hope you like it! I have several hundred samples of my Art work here, and over 70 songs that were written and performed by me.

As the year closes, I am preparing to shoot another Music Video with Mark Ceccarelli (If I can get the golf club out of his hands) here in Hawaii. The plan is complete the video portion of “La Musica Notturna” which is a Luigi Boccherini piece, arranged and adapted to Hawaiian standards by me. Should be fun! Look for it in early 2021.

Aloha and Mahalo for reading the Richard Hart Collection!