“Cuore Caldo” Music by Richard Hart (2020)

Adventures in Paradise

Streaming directly from Waikoloa, Hawaii is the new CD by Richard Hart titled “Cuore Caldo” or a “Warm Heart”.

Cuore Caldo (2020) – CD Tracks
# Track Name Composer(s) Time Stream
1 Through my eyes Richard Hart 3:19 320kb
2 Just Assumptions Richard Hart 3:48 320kbb
3 Jazzman’s Stone Richard Hart 4:25 320kb
4 Roundabout Jon Anderson / Steve Howe 4:36 No*
5 God only knows Brian Wilson 2:27 No*
6 Why your always there Richard Hart 4:44 320kb
7 Fool on the hill John Lennon / Paul McCartney 2:23 No*
8 Adventures in paradise Max Steiner 4:23 320kb
9 Sunsets 27 & 28 Richard Hart 3:20 320kb
10 Jesus digs me Richard Hart 2:40 320kb
11 The girl from Inpanema Antonio Carlos Jobim 1:37 No*
12 New life Richard Hart 4:02 320kb
13 Jazzman’s Tea Richard Hart 4:51 320kb
14 Mr. Magic Grover Washington, Jr. 3:12 No*
15 A very good year Ervin Drake 3:12 No*
16 Me too! Richard Hart 4:17 320kb

* Music is performed live under license only-

Musicians / Instruments / Credits :

Richard Hart

Yamaha XS8 Digital Workstation , Roland Fantom X8 Digital Workstation, Roland Super JV-1080 Synthesizer, (3) Roland JV-880 Synthesizer, Roland D-110 Synthesizer, Roland V-Drums, Alesis DM5 Drums, Yamaha Motif Rack ES Synthesizer, Petosa Stroller Accordion, Ibanez Bass Guitar, Breedlove Concert Acoustic Six String Guitar, Oscar Schmidt Baritone Ukulele, Various Rhythmic Instruments

Mark Ceccarelli
Monette Raja (Bb) Flumpet, Monette 993 (Bb) Trumpet, Bach Stradvarius (Bb) Trumpet, Various Rhythmic Instruments

Donna Hart-
Executive Producer, Photographer, and Nana Nui

Bella Lana Kai Hart-
Chief Woofer and Interrupter, Lunchtime Enthusiast

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