“House of H’art” Music by Richard Hart (2019)

House of Hart by Richard Hart (2019)

House of H’art was a long time coming! Some of the tunes herein were on my music drawing board since early 1980! Like the “808 Trilogy” (808 Zones / 808 Stones / 808 Bones) I definitely had a tropical concept when I started writing and re-writing these songs, but I wanted to push the boundaries a bit further. For instance, I did not use Accordions and/or Ukulele in every single song.

House of H’art (2019) – CD Tracks
# Track Name Composer(s) Time Stream
1 When you look at me Richard Hart 4:10 320kb
2 Laughter in my head Richard Hart 3:19 320kb
3 No Ordinary Life Richard Hart 3:53 320kb
4 Sky Dive Freddie Hubbard 2:50 No*
5 Beach Dance Blast Richard Hart 4:56 320kb
6 The Business of Life Richard Hart 4:40 320kb
7 Windmills of you mind Michael LeGrand 3:59 No*
8 On a Saturday Richard Hart 4:23 320kb
9 You are the light of the world Richard Hart 5:01 320kb
10 You and I Richard Hart 3:17 320kb
11 Et Mainteneant? Gilbert Becaud 3:47 No*
12 Working for me Richard Hart 4:09 320kb
13 The love you send Richard Hart 3:49 320kb
14 Where is the love? Ralph MacDonald / William Salter 2:30 No*
15 D’all Italia Richard Hart 3:45 320kb
16 You were on her mind – Leaving Lakewood Richard Hart 4:17 320kb

* Music is performed live under license only-

Musicians / Instruments / Credits :

Richard Hart
Yamaha XS8 Digital Workstation , Roland Fantom X8 Digital Workstation, Roland Super JV-1080 Synthesizer, (3) Roland JV-880 Synthesizer, Roland D-110 Synthesizer, Roland V-Drums, Alesis DM5 Drums, Yamaha Motif Rack ES Synthesizer, Petosa Stroller Accordion, Ibanez Bass Guitar, Breedlove Concert Acoustic Six String Guitar, Oscar Schmidt Baritone Ukulele, Various Rhythmic Instruments

Mark Ceccarelli
Monette Raja (Bb) Flumpet, Monette 993 (Bb) Trumpet, Bach Stradvarius (Bb) Trumpet, Various Rhythmic Instruments

Donna Hart-
Executive Producer, Photographer, and Ali’i Wahine

Bella Lana Kai Hart-
Chief Woofer and Interrupter, Tummy Scratch Advocate

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