The Seven Sons of Sceva Shellacked by Spirited Soul – Richard Hart

Last night at 7:30 pm, the seven sons of our local Chief Priest Sceva, were sent scurrying naked and bleeding through the streets of Ephesus. The event followed an altercation that occurred purportedly after Sceva’s sons attempted to exorcise a demon (or spiritual entity) from an unnamed citizen and taxpayer of our fair city.

Reports vary as to the actual happenings at the occurrence, but there is wide agreement between the witnesses that Sceva’s sons attempted to remove the demon from the citizen using the command to depart “ In the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches”. What followed was a melee of broken furniture, bloody noses, and several lacerations on Sceva’s sons.

“He beat all seven of Sceva’s sons until they were naked and bleeding ” stated one eyewitness. “Those boys ran out of here like they had seen a devil, and gave no thought about coming back to retrieve their tunics!”

Another eyewitness remarked  “I heard the man (who has the demon) tell the sons of Sceva that he knew Jesus, and that he knew Paul, but who were they?” just before the violence started.

Damages were estimated to be sizable, according to one unnamed source. No one was arrested at the time, but the owner of the premises is seeking monetary relief for the damages to the property.

All of this has happened in the same week where Paul, (the Tentmaker) from Tarsus, has been seen healing and preaching in the name of Jesus of Nazareth in our streets and in the synagogue of our city. Paul’s healings have been verified by local physicians and church scholars.  

As of press time, there has been no comment on the event from Chief Priest Sceva, his seven sons, or from the local synagogue. See tomorrow’s paper for a follow-up on the miracles that Paul is producing by what he calls the “Holy Spirit” and the increasing group of believers that are following him daily.

Submitted by:
Richard Hart – (A fictional piece, paraphrased from scripture, LSC Writer’s Group Assignment)
Cub Reporter
Ephesus Examiner

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