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What inspires me…. By Richard Hart

Recently, I was asked what inspired me? And, I really had to stop and think about it for a moment or two. I often find myself so busy with my “projects”, I don’t stop to think about the “why” in what I am doing. I suspect, to a degree, we all do something like this in our own lives.

Since “the thing” just needs doing – and/or that I am a Musician, Artist, Father, Husband, Grandfather, Neighbor, Small Group Member (What titles do you ascribe to yourself?) which is often enough impetus to keep me going toward scoring a “completion” on a task. Sometimes, mindlessly. But not always…

There are many tasks or thoughts that take a herculean effort for me to complete. I have to really exercise my brain to get it done. And what my brain spends the most time on… is discerning what is “true”. Sounds silly when I write it that way, but I think “the truth” (what is real, genuine, and honest) is the gist of it.

Our modern media and even public education has attempted to make a shamble of the notion of truth. Truth now is considered a relative commodity. My truth,,, your truth… . Discover your “truth”. Try “6+3 = 7”! Well.. it might be true for you. How do you feel about it? I could list scores of more examples of the notion of truth’s worth being denigrated. You probably can too.

Pontius Pilate’s words: “What is truth?” (John 18:38) indicates that the declination of the notion of truth is not new culturally. Yet, despite the “beat down” today that gets rendered up when truth is implied, the concept of “truth” has still not gone away. And why is that? Simple! It has too many devotees! In fact, I would even argue that  those who most loudly argue it’s non-validity are its most ardent zealots. They want you to believe what they are telling you is true… Wow! We report…, you decide!

I think what brings “the truth” home for me most, is when I assess how I am doing my tasks and living my life.

Here are quick some examples:
Is that really my best writing? Can I write that more clearly? Is there any easier way to say that? Is this boring? Can I write it in a way that makes it more engaging?

Does this really convey my thoughts musically? Is it really in tune? Did I fudge a few notes on that solo? Is there a way to complete this piece that doesn’t sound like everything else on the CD?

Am I really giving Donna my very best efforts when I listen to her? Am I doing everything I can to let her know I love her? Am I really doing my best as part of being her other half?

Chores and what not:
Is that really cleaned up enough? Did I do that job in a way that shows I am trying to be a good neighbor in my community? Is that my best work? Did I acknowledge people when I saw them today?

It goes on and on,,,

My biggest inspiration from my portion of the process (listed above) is how I handle my responses to these kinds of questions. When the answer comes back positive – I am grateful and rejoicing! When the answer comes back in the negative, I am “inspired” to rectify the situation. I want every piece I write, record, paint, shoot, and speak to be my very best. I believe that “truth” exists because God made it that way, and I am inspired to live and be happy within it’s realm. It’s much sunnier here!

For I also believe it true that we never know when we have completed our last task, and how that task might echo in eternity. So be inspired!

Always open to your thoughts! Let’s talk!

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